Atohm is a brand better known than people know about. If that sounds like a contradiction, think on this: when it’s not making drive units . This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are.

The GT is a very compact attractive two-way bass reflex monitor. Compared to previous models this Atohm draws particular attention to its cabinet . Pack Home Cinéma ATOHM GT-SERIES distingué HIT MATERIEL. Rafale V38S distingués Meilleur Achat.

Atohm may not be a familiar name to many readers, but . Les enceintes Atohm GTHD sont au service de la musique avec une sonorité neutre et dynamique, toujours détaillée et profonde, pour votre plaisir d’écoute. Hi-Fi, Hans Wetzel’s review of the 1for SoundStage! The other half of the Ensemble system is the pair of Atohm GTSE loudspeakers.

We are now going to present a benchmark for the set containing the Devialet 1and the acoustic speakers Atohm GT a quality compact . His conclusions: That the Atohm GTis something of a . Joining the 1in our Ensemble is a pair of Devialet branded Atohm GT’Special Edition’ loudspeakers with matching white. If you have been faithfully following the blog over the last several months, you know that I pay painstaking attention to the many factors that can . Joining the 1in our Ensemble is a pair of Devialet branded Atohm GT. Listen to standout tracks from this month’s Music Reviews, plus our favourite tracks .

Thank you for searching out the equipment review and laboratory test of the Atohm GT 1. Loudspeakers that was originally published in Australian Hi-Fi . Review from someone who knows a lot more about audio than me can. It is also beautifully styled and with the ATOHM GTSE speakers it is . The Hifi Choice review of D1plus Atohm GTspeakers is online on Devialet’s Blog at their website. July, 20José Manuel Delgado home Reviews. During the past month, importing enterprise HiEnd Audio (Ferrol, Spain) has . Il ne restait aux enceintes Atohm de la série GT que peu de choses à prouver puisque leurs qualités fonctionnelles et acoustiques . ATOHM speakers = Natural Sound Reproduction. High quality drivers, crossovers, wire and cabinets add up to a natural.

The GTmonitor has excellent bass extension and great soundstaging.